Jedihood Transparent


Jedihood is a message which came unexpectedly after years of reading and musing the scriptures (bible). The word itself represents a condition of mature being, similar to adulthood, parenthood, knighthood, and priesthood.

Jedi (Jedha) stems from the Hebrew/Aramaic word Yedah/Yedi/Yediah, an action word which means “To Know”. This knowing is relational, not Gnostic (as promoted by world religion today). In other words, it is based on action—not a title.

People who are naturally drawn to the Jedi persona do not understand that its original meaning stems from the ancient way of life—this is because they are too fixated on the children’s story, and, in doing so, have a hard time letting go of the milk. This message is given out to help those who have stumbled from the Father’s calling.

The scriptures have been commonly misinterpreted as religious and/or academic knowledge. Such a tree has produced a mixed, corrupted fruit. Jedihood brings clarity to the scriptures by revealing its importance in everyday, practical living.

This message started as a personal video conversation on March 29th, 2016, going on to become a video series. It was renewed in a written format (eventually leading to a manuscript) on January 29th, 2018. The message is now being presented again as of February 29th, 2020.

In the scriptures, it says that a planted fruit tree is supposed to be given three full seasons before the fruit is picked off and eaten as food (Leviticus 19:23-25). Hence the time this message is being shared.