Why is our society so complex? For hundreds of years, we have attempted to interweave separate entities into a united, yet mixed construct. This has resulted in various problems—lack of investment towards intrinsic matters, minimal work ethic, self-oriented pride and arrogance, and more.

For instance—when we put dirty dishes with the clean dishes within our kitchen sinks, what happens with the clean dishes? Given this scenario has already occurred on a spiritual plane, the real solution is to rectify all issues until they are resolved. Later on, if other contentions are found, they must be completely separated from the unstained.

This response is the very definition of holiness, or, in the Hebrew mindset, separateness. In the Hebrew language it is referred to as qadesh (Strong’s 6944).

When Moses was standing near the burning bush, the Father told him, “Don’t come any closer! Take your sandals off your feet—for the place you stand is holy ground” (Exodus 3). Joshua had a similar experience when confronted with the commander of the Father’s army (Joshua 5).

In both situations, the application of certain virtues—respect, obedience, and humility—were given in accordance with the Father’s request.

Is it no wonder we lack such virtues in our world today?

Sacred behavior is most required to restore society to its proper order. When his chosen people listen to the Father’s voice and become separated from the world’s complexities, they are given the keys to cleanse unrighteous. This, in turn, will promote a clearer, more stable community.