Taking a step back can be difficult yet necessary at times. The constant quest for attention, however gratifying, does not serve The Father’s requirements.

Servants in scripture took a back seat when needed—be it Elijah (Eliyahu), Jeremiah (Yirmiyahu), or John the Baptist (Yohanan the Immerser). Situations did arise when they were placed in the forefront, yet oftentimes the role was well-reversed. Many were ignored and scorned when such responses were publicly allowed.

It should also be noted the current admiration of such forefathers—this does not equate with what was displayed during their lifetimes. Many were appreciated only when the wisdom shared was understood later on.

It is also easier to promote these called-out ones when they are not around to criticize!

Making a scene is not necessarily the role of a chosen person—it is to establish The Father’s ways when deemed appropriate. Those who flaunt their activity of His commandments often forget this. Instead of focusing on the attention spans of others, it is wholesome to walk according to the direction The Father sees fit—regardless of where the spotlight goes.

Let not our actions be misunderstood. It is The Father’s time to shine!