When praying to the Father of what message to give at this time, was taken to the beginning of 1st Kings in scripture. David, who is about to sleep alongside his fathers after a 40-year reign, asks Solomon (Shalomah) to enact his wisdom by completing the following tasks:

  1. Be strong and be shown as a man (similar statement to Job upon the Father’s visitation)
  2. Follow what was written in Psalms 119 (guard the Father’s ways, statutes, commandments, judgments, and testimonies as written in the Torah)
  3. Punish Joab (a successful, yet rash commander who shed blood at a time in peace)
  4. Reward Barzillai’s sons (a generous man who showed loyalty at a time of insurrection)
  5. Punish Shimei (an opportunist who cursed David at a time of distress)

It was not difficult for Solomon to understand his father’s requests given what is shared in 1st and 2nd Samuel—the difficultly lied in the strategic performance required to accomplish these requests. Steadfastness was especially needed for the punishments!

Wisdom, to be reputable, requires firm enactment. Many of the Father’s servants know the wrongs being committed by evil doers… yet how many have the unwavering strength to respond? Notice in Solomon’s case he was asked to follow the Father’s ways (Psalms 119). Obedience requires action in deed—not lip service.

This instance, among countless others, should help us further discern what scripture is about—and although generations have passed in time there is still unfinished business to settle.

Let us ask the Father to strengthen our resolve!