Dalet, the four letter of the Hebrew aleph bet, is the door flap which is lifted up to the humble. It represents the Father’s qodesh spirit reaching out to the ends of the Earth for His people.

We are witnessing this very spirit today. His people, recognizing the grievousness of their ancestral sins, are seeking the Father with all of their being. In response, the Father is crediting this great debt as was told in Luqas 7. The woman has been placing water and oil on His feet… washing His feet with the tears on her hair. The sins of His people, which are many, are being declared forgiven.

Many Pharisees/Perushim (pastors) today observe and interpret scripture yet, due to enclosed sin, cannot experience the Father’s blessings in full. Their closets need to be opened towards sin. The Father, in his mercy, has humbled His people, so we can open ourselves to Him—that we may experience His trust and peace. He, in response, will open His door for us.

Am reminded of Yeshayahu 64, in which our righteousness has been as filthy rags. “All of us fade like a leaf, and our wickedness, like the wind, has taken us away.” Although He has hidden His face from us for many seasons, He recently has unrestrained himself and said:

“Juice is still found in the cluster of grapes!”

Praise be to His openness.