Jedihood Transparent

Know The Script is a calling from the scriptures by the Father. It gives out a cry of redemption, yet also acts a stern awakening to those falling away from the Father’s path.

This message, although first presented to the religious and philosophical fictional groups (as Jedihood), matured its attention to called-out ones heavily involved with fictional entertainment, presenting the true message of the Father’s path.

Why is this message so important? Certain people have an innate calling to be guardians of the faith, yet have been so wrapped up in fantasy to realize their true calling. The fascination with fictional thinking has also opened doorways to strange gods, leading many to defile themselves with perversions.

Know The Script could be noted as a type of ministry, although is better understood as a directive from the Father to help gather the lost sheep to his fold. Followers of The Way (Torah, Yeshua) simply do not grasp how many former believers have strayed due to current fictional beliefs as found in Star Wars, Dune, and others. Know the Script exists to point us back to the original roots of The Way as found in the Father’s scriptures (Bible).

​It is time to grow up from the milk and start eating the bread of adulthood.