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Know The Script Fellowship

​The fellowship here is primarily Messenger and E-mail based. We currently provide a posting area called The Father’s Camp, although the messages provided goes in much further depth than general conversation will allow. If you feel a need to comment, please visit the camp site.

Given this message is not for sale, we do not ask for money, advertisement, distribution, or reviews. This message has no copyright barriers and can be given out freely as needed. Please note any attempt to profit from the Father’s words will result in a curse.

Also note participants are held to higher standards compared to general observers. If you are sincerely called to this message, you are free to contact us.

Defenders of this Message

Mikhael – Who is Like Him? (No One is)
Yahseph – He will Increase, Be Fruitful
Yahshar – He is Upright, Long Lasting
Yahunatan – He has Given, Giver of Gifts