What a difficult, decisive road these last seven years have been! Its circumstances have provided considerable learning and maturity in a short interval of time—helping this soul to withstand incredible pressure, to work tirelessly on various inner issues many deem unimportant.

A key understanding was discovered as to why this person has been so adamant about connecting the prophets and judges in scripture with the Jedi in Star Wars. The fact so many “Fatherless” non-believers (those who deny the Father’s existence) have followed this myth is not a coincidence—it is a family search for the father figure within a plethora of fallen, unhealthy fathers.

The most haunting curse of current civilization is the fact many youthful people today do not know their father. Many fathers today are either absent, immature, or unresponsive… with some removed entirely from the family structure altogether. This curse has brought insurmountable-type consequences.

With that said, this formidable mountain is not insurmountable! The battlefield is clear—the Father has called me to reveal His ways to those who earnestly seek him. It must be shown to the world that without Him we are lost and confused… and that with Him we are found and accepted.

Join me in this quest to share the Father to those who desperately need him.

May the Father be with us all!