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Isaiah 44 (Yeshayahu 44)A passage of scripture for you today. From The Father. Read More
Swordfire: Part 21 — Report (Upda …The twenty-first and final video (so far) of the Swordfire series. … Read More
Swordfire: Part 20 — Signs (Updat …The twentieth video in the Swordfire series. The signs of the time … Read More
Swordfire: Part 19 — Becoming (Up …The nineteenth video in the Swordfire series. The urge to fulfill … Read More
Swordfire: Part 18 — Habit (Updat …The eighteenth video in the Swordfire series. The habitual mindset … Read More
Swordfire: Part 17 — Judgment (Up …The seventeenth video in the Swordfire series. This video explains … Read More


2/17/24 - Swordfire Updated Finished Was able to finish the updated edit of the series. Thanks for your patience.

9/30/23 - Swordfire Updated Edit Going to finish the updated edit of the Swordfire Series. Take a look.

9/9/23 - Joel Video Series New video series on words of Joel.

7/15/23 - Qodesh: The Four Hebrew Children The book of Daniel, Susanna, Prayer of Azariah (Song of Three Children), and Daniel additions will be shared in the new video series called Qodesh.

6/24/23 - Title: The Letter of Titus New video series on letter to Titus.

5/20/23 - Lament: The Book of Lamentations New video series on Lamentations.

4/22/23 - Messenger: The Book of Malachi A brand new video series on Malachi.

4/8/23 - Second and Third Messages of Yochanan New videos being provided for the Yochanan series! Thanks again for your patience.

3/30/23 - The Jedihood Message Update Here is the updated 5th release of the Jedihood Message manuscript.

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Jedisode 11: The Tyranny (9/12/2021)


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Jedisode 9: The Conviction (12/30/2020)

Jedisode 8: The Hardship (10/27/2020)

Jedisode 8: The Hardship (10/27/2020)

Jedisode 8: The Hardship (10/27/2020)

Jedisode 7: The Intercession (9/21/2020)


Jedisode 6: Prayer and Fasting (8/23/2020)


Jedisode 5: The Fallen Order (6/30/2020)


Jedisode 4: The Meditation (5/2/2020)


Jedisode 3: The Calling (4/12/2020)


Jedisode 2: The Act of Faith (3/17/2020)


Jedisode 1: Introduction (3/12/2020)


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