UPDATE — 9/17/22
Sira Video Series Completed

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SuccessHave recently partaken in a myriad of hindrances and troubles. Al … Read More
Proverbs — Part 10 (Updated)Follow along as we go over the 16th portion of Proverbs.  Read More
Proverbs — Part 9 (Updated)This video presents the 15th portion of Proverbs. Please pray for … Read More
Proverbs — Part 8 (Update)The Book of Proverbs continues with the 14th portion.  Read More
144000 Trailer (Updated)
Proverbs — Part 7 (Updated)The Book of Proverbs word study series continues with portions 12 … Read More
The Blessing — 7/29/17 (Updated E …The twelfth video in the Swordfire series. An explanation of the F … Read More
Proverbs — Part 6 (Updated)The 11th portion of the Book of Proverbs is presented.  Read More
Revealing The FatherWhat a difficult, decisive road these last seven years have been! … Read More


9/24/22 - Updating Proverbs Will be updating The Book of Proverbs video series and uploading to Rumble. Stay tuned!

9/17/22 - Sira Video Series Completed A year's mission completed! You can now watch the entire Sira Video Series.

4/7/22 - Camp Name Update Recently updated the name of the Jedihood Camp to The Father's Camp. Learn more.

4/3/22 - The Jedihood Message Update Here is the updated 4th release of the Jedihood Message manuscript.

2/21/22 - Jedihood @ KnowTheScript.com Jedihood has moved over to Know The Script. As message enters its sixth season, certain parables will be unveiled to bring further clarity. Learn more.

1/12/22 - Free Downloads The Father's messages will be given to the called-out ones as a free gift. Visit the Jedihood Camp and watch this video to learn more.

10/28/21 - 144,000 It has been decided to start this calling as the message is further revealed. Learn more here.

9/6/21 - Sira Video Series A new video series approaches... called Sira: Book of Ecclesiastius. Follow along as we explore this treasure of wisdom. Watch the teaser.

8/17/21 - Wake Up Call Waking up from broken behavior? A short video for you.

6/28/21 - Finding Jedihood Stumbled upon Jedihood? Here are some brief words about finding this message.

5/13/21 - Wisdom Series A brand new series called Wisdom: The Book of Shalomah (Solomon). We will explore this ancient book removed from cannon. Watch the teaser.

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Wisdom: Book of Shalomah (19 Parts)

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Swordfire (Intro, 20 Parts)

Jedihood (Intro, 49 Parts, Conclusion)

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Jedisode 11: The Tyranny (9/12/2021)


Jedisode 10: The Hypocrisy (2/14/2021)

Jedisode 8: The Hardship (10/27/2020)

Jedisode 9: The Conviction (12/30/2020)

Jedisode 8: The Hardship (10/27/2020)

Jedisode 8: The Hardship (10/27/2020)

Jedisode 8: The Hardship (10/27/2020)

Jedisode 7: The Intercession (9/21/2020)


Jedisode 6: Prayer and Fasting (8/23/2020)


Jedisode 5: The Fallen Order (6/30/2020)


Jedisode 4: The Meditation (5/2/2020)


Jedisode 3: The Calling (4/12/2020)


Jedisode 2: The Act of Faith (3/17/2020)


Jedisode 1: Introduction (3/12/2020)


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