Wine Press

Being in a weakened state, the Father presented a dream to share knowledge of a confrontation which had been unleashed, a spirit whose name was Gath. Did not know what the word meant, so when cornering this spirit, called him Goliath, which he consented. This influence was shown to be the reason for the heavy tiredness.

When awakening from the dream, looked up the name and learned that Gath is a city referenced in the scriptures. In fact, Goliath (the one who confronted David) was a champion of the Philistines who originated from this city, a confirmation for the dream’s spiritual significance.

The word Gath, in Hebrew, means wine press. It also visually similar to the English word gather, or gathering.

It is no coincidence that a wine press was mentioned recently in a message called The Vineyard, referencing a prophecy of a vineyard written in Isaiah. A wine press is an instrument which helps harvesters trodden ripened grapes into juice. This action is performed when the grapes are gathered during the end of harvesting. The wine press is heavily referred to in scriptures, representing an act of judgment.

Do remember this spirit within the dream to be very angry, yet frustrated… following this person with a heated fervor, yet from a distance without confronting. He was as a hunter which could not faithfully hunt.

The Father revealed that this spirit represents the fallen orders of certain Jedi-type groups. They are quite bitter, yet do not know how to respond to what has happened. They are a gathering which appear as Goliath, yet are not able to counter as with confrontations in the past. They are as a distraught wine press.

In the dream, had to walk backwards to corner the spirit so that a conversation could present itself. Honestly, do not know if there is strength to do such a thing at this time. Yet, given that the dream happened, will be open to it.

Very hesitant to post this, yet here it is.