Shortly after returning from a round trip of five-thousand miles, a greater appreciation of home was discovered. Particular amenities, once thought to be expendable, are now seen with less discrimination and more affection. Further reflection has also been given to more stable, repetitive activities.

Have pondered about Abraham who left his country for an inherited land… as well as former ancestors who made the difficult (yet necessary) decision to bring their family to a newly-formed nation. Leaving the familiar for the unfamiliar came with a cost—and oftentimes the benefits were are not clearly visible. What trust it took to be taken away from their native place!

Is this person ready to make such a choice? Every so often a generation will enact it—although is this the right one? Perhaps.

Some of you reading this might be in a similar dilemma. Before any conclusion is made, ask the Father of what he desires. For some, he might ask to move… for others, he might ask to stay. It is much more important to be led by his guidance than our own.

Regardless of what happens, am thankful the Father has provided an understanding of what crossing over really means—that’s why Abraham is called the “Hebrew”.