A Trail of Trials

Is the trail filled with a humble heart which celebrates his being?

The Door

His people, recognizing the grievousness of their ancestral sins, are seeking the Father with all of their being.

The Sukkah

Many vital establishments in our world, once thought to be stable, appear to be quite transitory.


My hope in this pursuit is to see the Father’s children safe from the storms.

Crossing Over

Leaving the familiar for the unfamiliar came with a cost—and oftentimes the benefits were are not clearly visible.


While a handful sincerely desires to follow the King of Kings, external pressures prevent His reign from progressing from their hands.


In order to return to The Promise Land, we must mend our walking.


As a confused vessel upon a series of interchanges, we cannot trust in our own course.

Unfinished Business

Wisdom, to be reputable, requires firm enactment.

The Spotlight

Making a scene is not necessarily the role of a chosen person—it is to establish The Father’s ways when deemed appropriate.

Moral Compass

A depressed people have been enclosed within a vulgar, wasteful pit of pride and opinion.


We may not always live in the best of circumstances—yet be careful in how it is interpreted. Distresses abound to try the hearts of those willing to follow the narrow path.

Revealing The Father

The battlefield is clear—the Father has called me to reveal His ways to those who earnestly seek him.


Engulfed by excessive bickering and lewdness, life’s perseverance can dwindle down to a hoarse, pretentious expression.


When we put dirty dishes with the clean dishes within our kitchen sinks, what happens with the clean dishes?

Not For Granted

Sometimes, though, these fortressed walls are lifted temporarily—in order to remind its occupants of what is being provided and why it should be valued.

The Stone

How great it was to see such sincerity in the most challenging times!

The Messenger

Discernment between the righteous and wicked will return—this will be clarified in how we serve the King. Will one serve the altar with polluted food (as Cain) or with a sweet savor (as Abel)?


Remain focused on the path… for temptations can occur in times of weakness! Be steadfast in His will and know the challenge is at hand. Will you fall into submission with the One who defends us… or fall into snares of those who cause mischief?

Warning Signs

A vast spectacle of road flares, for example, will not successfully warn drivers who remain apathetic (let alone ignorant) of what is observed. Although fascinating to some, such signs aren’t there to look pretty—yet to caution of what lies ahead.

Stay Awake

Will you survive the upcoming onslaught of ideas and suggestions designed to turn you away from this responsibility?

Reaching Jedihood

Memorials built by the mighty shall fall from stature and become great proverbs of reproach… yet the lowly will recognize the lesson and kneel in haste.

The Potential

What we say can either connect or repel.  It is a sword providing not only warmth and comfort yet also detachment and irritation.   It can quiet a passionate heart or save a hopeless soul.  

The Higher Definition

Although today's widgets and effects appear prestigious and alluring, the enticement of magician's tricks quickly allow an embracing of foreign entities.

The Javelin

Balaam, not being able to directly curse the Israelites, had a devious plan to bring the Moabite daughters to weaken the strength of the mighty camp. This plague was so efficient it took down even priestly leadership.

Root of the Matter

Spectators should not only pull back to behold the tree which nurtured the branches, yet dig deep to behold the roots which gave it life.

Give Up

Often enough we are quick to pursue lifestyles which conclude in frivolous nonsense. External noises, anxious to diverge its attention, break upon the internal realms of countless souls for the greatest impact.

Inner Peace

In reflection, have discerned the Father’s ways to be too upright for commonality–specifically the superficial, senseless routines today. His precepts require a sobering and consistent holiness... a diligent, steadfast strength which perseveres through dire circumstances.

Forceism: The Real Jediism

As time has passed, have noticed a continual, overarching conflict in accepting a duelistic Force while, in the same breath, coating itself as light-sided in using the Jedi word.

Rise of the Separatists

While legions of Stormtroopers persistently advance with false aim, an ever-growing resistance hides within the caves of Geonosis.

Jedihood WordPress

Five Years of Jedihood

It is very unusual for a message to survive such an isolated format as long as this one has. It was as if its strength came from its own isolation.

Knowledge of Our Weakness

They looked to themselves and the power they possessed. They trained, they studied... they fought great battles and gained much success until the very end. It was at this end when all the vain glory was swept away.


Massing great amounts of reeds does not alter the nature of its bending! A slew of ambiguous, inconsistent standards, moving whichever way the wind blows, will not save us in perilous waters.

Higher Ground

Higher ground can be attained. Such ground, however, is never to be used for personal leverage. Its advantage is only for the principled.

The Contention

Although the urge to confront remains, we must carefully reflect to see an even greater contention—a biological, anthropomorphic universe which has submerged itself in carnal, beastly desires.

So Comes the Flood

Such systems are toppling down upon inspecting minds. When certain curtains are parted and the men of sin are revealed, there will be no turning back.

The Slumber

We have a strong tendency to discharge matters essential to our survival. As a result, many are behind in the Father's class—flunking at one of the most critical times in history.

Be Still and Know

Deliverance is usually hindered by those who fear their own taskmasters (such is the slave mentality). Yet instead of reacting to communal pressure, Moshe understood the conflict would be resolved by a greater and mightier power.

Flaming Sword

Practical Preparation

Prepare yourself now for practical stresses—pressures which need a sound, spiritual mind and not just a consistent, unfaltering hand.

The Simulation

The truth somewhat mirrors this reflection, although it is quite misunderstood. Instead of looking out there to the vastness of it all, let's look upon ourselves to see the multiple constructs surrounding our own daily living.

The Delusion

The walking dead are among us today—consuming a vast, strong delusion which has overtaken our world.



It is now up to sound minds to take heed of the signs given, getting their houses in order while they are still standing.


True charity is not to be given selflessly or to comfort personal desires—it is expressed because the Father first shown such love within us.

Humble Yourself

The Promotion

There is, though, a promotion hardly spoken about, especially during these times of mindless spectacle and self-gluttony.

The Plague

The Plague

A realization began to come over that there definitely is a virus out there. Perhaps a better way to refer to it would be a plague, or spirit.



Shame should be a natural response to those participating in wrong behavior—for humiliation provides the great cure for the prideful.

Into the Ark

Into the Ark

Noach (Noah), a chosen one, heard the voice of the Father and did according to the Father’s will. In so doing, not only was Noach saved–his family, along with the called-out animals, were saved as well.

Talk Too Much

Talk Too Much

Too many words fall off the palettes of various lips without properly presenting the matter to the higher will. Because of this, many are lead by jabber than by genuine direction–it is rather revolting to see such rampant, unchecked spew.



The walk of servant living (knighthood) is not a complicated motion–it is a dedicated, submissive one. Given this, it is false practice which has created such complication.

By Their Fruits

By Their Fruits

A familiar passage of scripture will be shared today. It concerns a simple, yet forgotten principle which needs to be reiterated at this time. How quickly it has been forgotten.


Seeker of the Contrite Heart

Plenty have catered on personal strength to succeed, yet what of those who position themselves towards the higher calling? These are the people worth seeking at this hour.

Man Kneeling

The Greater Success

The Father has provided great strength to overcome many obstacles. It is his strength, and his strength alone, which has produced great success.

Wheat Field

We Were Like Them That Dream

The passage of Psalms 126, after its initial reading, has remained part of a solemn spirit for some weeks. Perhaps solemnity itself has helped kept its words from being forgotten.


An Empire of Dreams

When reflecting upon the dream from twenty years back, remember the portion in which this person looked inside a once familiar house to see Stormtroopers marching in unison. It was quite shocking to see such—to witness a group who had lost their identity.

Knight Humble Kneeling

The Father’s Crusade

The Father has asked to present another message prior to the completion of the first full written release.



Am currently putting together all of the messages from the beginning of this page (which is also posted on the website) to this point in time within a single readable document.



This person is still very hesitant to present this. It has been difficult to see how nearly everyone who has encountered this message has rejected it at some point.

Fiery Furnace

Fiery Furnace

The reason why this message remains for the years it has is because the fire cannot be quenched. Its stance only urges the curious to seek what has been censored.


Thoughts of the Heart

There is a passage of scripture given prior to the flood of Noah, in which the Father notes how the imagination of man’s heart was only evil continually. This can be compared to what Yahshua gives in Matthew 24: “As the days of Noah were, so shall the coming of the son of man.”

Emperor with Nute Gunray

Bogged Down in Procedure

Human beings, on their own accord, will rationalize abstraction in which one can manipulate, mold, fleece, or take power of. These are the ways we must be careful not to condone.

Business of the Day

Business of the Day

We are constantly being bombarded with so many minuscule, frivolous things. As the world continues to bring about incremental tidal waves of strife, many still hearken as before, steeping themselves further and further into a prison of shallowness.

The Nocturnal Song

The Nocturnal Song

In the early hours, before sunrise, there is a particular bird which begins to sing outside my bedroom wall. The bird sings alone for quite some time – it is still dark outside while everyone else is asleep. Still, the song remains noticeable and unafraid.


The Initiate Mentality

Prior to receiving and sharing this message, a task was ordered to test the waters to see the current state of certain individuals. The state of how they were a decade prior was compared to their current state.

Woman Looking at a Storm


Our reliability on man’s devices can present us with a false sense of security. We assume that just because many rely heavily on these modern-day conveniences, although prone to minor adjustments, cannot fail in the grand scheme of things.


The Meal

There is a time to read ingredients and browse the menu. It is good to make well-informed decisions. Yet there comes a point when one must partake in the meal itself.

Gideon's 300

Gideon’s 300

The epic story about these brave soldiers has reminded me of the important contrast between dedication and perception.


Individual Fellowship

Have been focusing on E-mail conversations as of late, so my apologies. The warning period is over, so have been focusing more with particular people called to this message as we will start separating ourselves and walk forward in our calling.


The Narrow Path

Most of us are taught to view good and evil in terms of polarity. Although there is dichotomy between the two, they do not have equal footing nor are they evenly distributed.

Empty Glass

The Graven Path

Many of us live according to the molded bricks and mortar the world promotes on a daily basis. Yet what about the living cornerstone of the almighty?

Dust Light

House Cleaning

Do not be afraid to see this imperfection... for now is the time to tackle the chore. It is time to clean our rooms and prepare for a family arrival.

Man Walk Through Glass

The Acquaintance

When many go to the Father, their relationships remain limited to the rules of convention. They see him primarily through the visage of tradition and ceremony.

Carpet Stain

The Jediist Stain

While presenting this message, light was shed into the domineering influence of today’s Jediism – a blending of political Socialism, New Age Occultism, and Nietzsche-based philosophy.

Shepherd Sheep

The Shepherd (Part 3 of 3)

In the previous two portions, connections were made between the ancient shepherds written in scripture and the fictional Jedi depicted in the original Star Wars movies. Many other connections can be given, although we will now focus on the responsibilities of these peculiar people.


The Shepherd (Part 2 of 3)

We will now continue this message to further explore connections between the Jedi and the shepherds of ancient times, specifically those spoken about in scripture.


The Shepherd (Part 1 of 3)

This will shock many of you, yet the visual and functional aspects of the Jedi are based on the nomad/pastoral shepherds as depicted in scripture. This is primarily seen within the Obi-Wan Kenobi character, yet was eventually expanded upon with Yoda and the prequels.


The Journey

There is nothing new under the sun. For every myth presented, there is an original prototype associated with it.



It is time to speak about a subject others wouldn’t dare discuss. The freedom to speak the truth (without fear of excommunication) allows such ability.

Geonosis Battleground


Just as the Star wars galaxy was quick to promote an evil empire from a mismanaged republic, so we are in danger of heading the same direction.

Hand Father Child

Trust and Relationship

The Father has been really testing some of us. Not to see how much we can perform, yet how dedicated we are to perform in the way he specifically asks.

Star Wars Jedi

The Battle is Not Yours

It is uncommon to speak out regarding specific instances in life, as Jedihood is a message which goes beyond personal experience. Yet through prayer, fasting, and meditative thought in his words, the Father has again revealed a deep cut within my spirit.

The Fork in the Road

The Fork in the Road

We see many today who have positioned themselves in a lifestyle that cannot live righteously. Because of their openness to vices, an aura of darkness keeps beckoning them another direction.

Empty Bowl


Fasting is a very important act, yet is seldom realized in its overall fulfillment. This is partially because many restrict its meaning to a direct association of food and drink.


The Responsibility of Submission

Today’s circumstance has brought remembrance of a great responsibility. It is a responsibility not spoken much today and is often ignored in public. In fact, many of us fail to understand the importance of such a task.

The Light in Young Woman

Lighted Words

Know that these words are totally copyright free. If they resonate with you, you can post and share as called to do so.

What to Say


Although many pray for healing, we have been socially trained to ignore a disease altogether. One that is, essentially, spiritual.



Although faith is found in religion, religion is definitely not a primal ingredient of faith. This is testified by a deep, spiritual depravity within a vast number of religious organizations today.

Wine Press

The Wine Press

A wine press is an instrument which helps harvesters trodden ripened grapes into juice. This action is performed when the grapes are gathered during the end of harvesting.

Temple in Israel

Focus on the Spirit

Today, there are many who focus on building towers. It’s very easy to get caught up in such things as people are very active in it. Yet what about the spirit that lies within such construct?


The Vineyard

The Father places his judgment upon the vineyard. He vows to take away its hedge and break down its walls.

Luke Argues with Uncle Owen

The Path of Uncle Owen

Today, am reminded of Owen Lars and his moisture farm. It reminds me of those managing their harvests while not heeding the growing signals of the Empire’s reign.

Counsel of the Sith


We must not look up to a god of stone which excuses ongoing perversion. The worship of such an object will only pervert society, furthering it closer towards the doors of oblivion.

Luke Skywalker and Yoda

Do You Know?

Going to explain where the word Jedi comes from and what it means. Some people have claimed sources such as Japanese Theatre (jidaigeki) or an ancient order of the Egyptians (djedi), yet the word stems from a different origin.

Burning of the Temple


As was criticized of the Pharisees during Yahshua’s time, the practice of vain ritual should never dictate our overall performance.

Dagobah Blues

That is Why We Fail

Our eyes can deceive us. Still, many of us trust them. Then, when the voice says to “let go,” we hesitate, pressing onward with our targeting computers.

Darth Sidious

Darth Sidious

Sidious is a real Darth Lord of the Sith, and truly exists today. He hides himself as a Senator Palpatine, a politician who loves the palette.

X-Wing in Trench


Life is, in essence, about performing an act. Not only does it take commitment and practice, yet also a willingness to perform when the appointed time is given.

Han Solo

Telling the Odds

The odds might appear to be in their favor, yet, as the bets persist, eventually the house will win.


The Social Club

Some might find benefit from such activity. It keeps them occupied and busy, just enough to not mind the authority who is coming soon to close up shop.

Obi Knows

It Begins with a Message

You see, a droid army is fully armed to attack. In fact, they are already upon the planet’s surface. And no, the negotiations never took place.

Anakin in Council Room

The Great Silence

Today, amongst the endless chatter, there is an ever-growing silence. It is currently being fueled by vain pleasure, selfish stubbornness, and the mighty refusal of a sound sense.


Attack of the Clones

Deployed for swift response, they come in various forms, such as the Scout Trooper, Death Trooper, and the Shock Trooper…. each deployed with a particular tactic.

Qui-Gon Jinn

Following the Will

Star Wars hints of this will, yet as it has progressed and changed hands, it has transformed into something entirely different.

Planet Rain

Do you See All of these Stars in the Heavens?

Recently woke up from a very powerful dream roughly two hours ago. It was incredible.

Cave Trial

Get Ready for the Trials

Today, we hear of people claiming to follow a path of honor and virtue. Yet, in return, we do not hear of the passing of their trials.


The Will to Work

The Father is a spirit who loves to work. He is constantly working inside his children, moving us, keeping us directed and in focus.

Hide and Seek

Judgment Call

We cannot faithfully council others if we are being unfaithful in our own inner council. Let us remove the beams first, the elephants in our own households.

A Matter of Discipline

A Matter of Discipline

This is a time for certain individuals to become a living standard, to live and do as they are asked by the Father.


Frozen in Carbonite

Many are stuck in a spiritual bind. Unable to move from their current state of dismay, they wait patiently for deliverance... yet their hearts remain cold, indifferent.

No Fruit

All Leaves… No Fruit

Actions speak louder than words. Just as a tree is identified by its fruit, one can identify a spirit within people’s actions.

Here It Comes

Here It Comes

It has been hard providing an unpopular message to warn of an upcoming judgment. Yet, as we see the pieces fall outside our doorstep, others are slowly coming to the same realization.

Children in Class

Tough Love

Instead of being quick to use the ‘J’ word, it is best to practice and show what it means to know the lifestyle through and through.

Woman in the Dark

Vices (Part 2)

We see the preaching of justice, courage, and loyalty, yet if at the very heart of the movement you see a lifestyle which does not seek the path of righteousness you know the practice is deeply flawed.

Man in the Dark

Vices (Part 1)

If the Father unveils any of the following, it is our duty to meditate and pray about it, asking for correctness and wisdom. We will be given wisdom if we sincerely ask for it.

The Fall of Jericho

Walls Will Fall Down

You are dealing with a power base which goes beyond money... a spiritual influence that has been in our society for decades.

Walking Through the Woods

It Will Be a Hard Life

Remember watching the Qui-Gon destiny poem when the Phantom Menace was released. Still think of these words often.


The Great Famine

What is most troubling about our current state of society is the increased scarcity of spiritual truth.

Red Sea Splitting

Why the New Star Wars Movies have Failed

Although it may be hard for some to swallow, the sequel Star Wars movies have epically failed on many levels, especially ‘the last’ film.

Living Water

It can penetrate strongholds with its consistent, dedicated stream.

Family at Sunset

It’s About Relationship, not Religion

One of the core aspects of the Jedihood message is the importance of trust and relationship with the Father. Many have turn to religion to fill their void, while failing to see that its reliance brings about an untrustworthy, worldly system.

Multiple Doors

Closed Doors

Many of us believe we can advance by simply ignoring prior behaviors… that to show sincere regret of our past actions is enough. The consequences, though, still remain.


Seeking Opinions

Let us not forget the works of Palpatine. Palpatine is associated with the word palpable, or palette. In other words, the taste buds.

Narrow Cave

Father’s Dream

Going to share a dream my father had a couple of nights ago. Asked for his permission before doing so. He said he would be okay if it would be shared to help others.


Maturing Terms

Going to be going over some common terms that are associated to Jedi, and depict the matured, spiritual attribute.

Duel in the Clouds

The Duel in the Clouds

Luke Skywalker is a character desperately seeking the father figure. The lighted suns is a visual depiction of the longing for deep companionship between father and son.

Vader's Plate

Luqas vs. The Dark, Absent Father

Look at the Hebrew letters on Vader's priest plate (which was noticeable during the cloud duel scene).



A knight, in the old English, is a servant, a disciple who attends the defense of their sovereign. It is an act of obedience without expectation of reward.

Magical World

The Magical World of the Force

What is the true nature of the Force people worship today?

Shepherd and Sheep

The Rest

You know the main reason why people can't hear the Father speak at this time? We are too busy speaking to ourselves.

Unstable Ground

Vengeance is Mine

The people are under spiritual attack. We must allow the Father to bring justice to these spirits, while at the same time, feed the needy and poor.

Elijah at Carmel

Mount Carmel

On Mount Carmel, Elijah challenges these four hundred and fifty Masters (if you will) and says to the people, “How long will you be between two opinions?

Yoda Religion

Jediism is Phariseeism

This cake has tasted quite sweet in recent years, yet people are slowly becoming aware of the effects of the artificial additives. They have gotten fat, idle, and stuck in sleep within the land of the lotus flower.

Hills Lead


Most people see punishment as mere retribution, not understanding it is synonymous with training, maturity, and correction.

Luke with Lightsaber

Aggressors of Commotion and Tolerance

We are not partakers of peace anymore. Perhaps we were at some point, yet in its place today is confusion and distraction.



There are many forms of betrayal, yet there is one common theme that runs throughout: the result of exposing someone trustworthy to danger.

Ark Angels

Flaming Sword

As with the flaming sword, the lightsabre also represents an authority which is defended by messengers.



We have lost our understanding of truth because we fail to participate in the very act of seeking it. We do not ask the father to reveal himself, or our elders to explain.

Forcing the Issue


The concept of the Force is something different entirely. As years have passed, it has proven itself to be extremely bipolar.



We are going to briefly go over the meaning of clothing when it comes to spiritual garb.



Justice is not about following your ways, my ways, our ways, or their ways. We are a confused people because we are so busy legitimizing paths without knowing where they lead.

Drill Instructor


Sometimes you have to let go of things that matter to you entirely, in order to learn why you held onto them in the first place.


Spiritual Battlefront

These wars of stars may be fighting over the galaxy, yet their battlefront is in this world.


Object Worship

People confirm that, in our distant past, we worshiped graven images of various gods. Yet we are still doing it today in many forms.



Many of us look at Solomon as a very wise man, one of the wisest in the world. The wisdom that made him great is not the way we have been led to believe.

Message in Bottle

What is Jedihood?

Jedihood is a message which looks upon the fictional Jedi in Star Wars, yet through the mature lens of biblical scripture. 

Lost Sheep


To know, in the scriptures, means to have a personal relationship. To experience someone or something so closely that you can connect with that person or thing.


Download the Jedi App

In this new Star Wars age, all we need to do is download the app specifically molded for us, and, in no time at all, we will be unleashing Force powers and overpowering Sith Lords.

Desert Drought

The Degradation of Star Wars and Society

Star Wars, at its beginning, was wholesome family entertainment when it was released in 1977, a time in which many people started to get back to the scriptures.


March 6th, 2001

This day is what started the seed of what eventually became known as the Jediism cult. Remember that day very well.



Are we willing to be courageous enough to utterly destroy wickedness, in order to inherit the promise land?



It is time not only to reveal the true message, yet to show the filth that has come from the Jediism and Jedi Realism movements.


Hearing Comes by Doing

By obeying the ways of life, and humbly following the path that has been destined before us, we are able to accomplish great things in his name.


The Message

It is the result of a journey that has taken a person from an online presence, to a secluded hermit, and eventually towards a prophetic quest.