Woman in the Dark

Let us continue where we left off regarding the recognition of spiritual vices.

Daily behavior is a testament towards applying belief. In essence, faith has everything to do with application. While many may speak of various truths, it is the fruit of the spirit which speaks much louder than words. Teaching comes from living. What we fail to understand is that habitual acts of a mature, consistent direction are the very heart of a sincere guidance. The lack of maturity, on the other hand, reflects a deliberate trapping.

A good example of this is the doctrinal maxims of Jediism. We see the preaching of justice, courage, and loyalty, yet if at the very heart of the movement you see a lifestyle which does not seek the path of righteousness yet tolerance, or gives into tactics of cowardice instead of acting in bravery, you know that the practice is deeply flawed. Virtue comes from daily commitment, a seriousness of mind, as Yoda put it, not a casual spoken recital. We do not see a form of seriousness today, yet a whimsical, negligent nature that has corrupted the very minds of its converts.

This is why we are going to continue to reveal the spirits of corruption. By doing so, we find a clear, distinctive separation from what may appear to be virtuous, yet in its core is a direct compromise of foundational truth.

Scorn – The active approach of treating someone as worthless, especially when it comes to elders or those with unpopular viewpoints. This pompous act of disrespect and mistreatment is an early indicator of a movement that will degrade itself within a few generations. The very heads will eventually be decapitated by their followers, as they are guilty of committing a similar manner of violence beforehand. If you are under the tutorage of someone who does this, leave immediately as you do not want this spirit imparted on you. Impartation is real and can negatively affect the rest of your life.

Maliciousness – The express intention of causing unjustified harm to another person. Many see this through a physical lens, yet there is also a strong spiritual undercurrent as well. When an unnatural enmity has increased to a point of cursing and hatred towards a fellow neighbor, friend, or brother/sister, this is sign of an inner desire to commit evil. That is why judgment should stem on holiness, not personal vengeance.

Boasting – Excessive bragging about personal experiences and skills achieved. Like the flexing of muscles upon the mirrors of the audience, we have been taught that it is socially acceptable to gloat our natural given abilities. This is why so many walk half naked without any qualms. It is the sign of the nakedness within the inner soul, the striping away of dignity in order to advertise unclean spirits. If one’s greatest merits have to be visually displayed to be produced, you have a serious problem. Really should pray about it.

Foolishness – A strong lack of good sense, or reckless judgment. This unhealthy vice will attack you consistently, especially if it knows it can weaken you towards walking into the very traps you just got out of. People are quick to flock towards leadership, yet do not test them on their spiritual sight, or lack thereof. As Obi-Wan stated, “Who is the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?” The Father’s wisdom is especially important, as it will faithfully show what works without having to personally experience it. You do not have to drink alcohol, for instance, to know the damage it does to the living filter we call the liver. When you live in holiness, you realize your body is not your own.

Deceit – The deliberate act of concealing a truth in order to mislead. Many people have used the Jedi path in order to push a personal or political agenda, just as we see with the Star Wars franchise today. Over time, this deception eventually shows its fruit. If we are truly following the path of rightness, we should be able discern this carnal practice and warn others about it, which is what Jedihood is essentially doing. If you can’t stand up for something, as it is said, you’ll fall for anything.

These vices, and many others, will stop you from finding the homeward path. We must learn to recognize what these spirits are doing in our lives. Call out to the Father for wisdom and it will be given.

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Thank you for your time.