It is easily to declare one’s stance at specific times of popularity or amusement. On the contrary, carrying such through uncharted times of challenge and speculation, although difficult, can be quite rewarding.

Patience and persistence, when performed properly, can take you to places yet to be discovered. Quite often this means letting go of temporary pleasures and immediate gains. Investing towards more powerful, future endeavors (especially when anointed and spiritually-driven) will assuredly impact the world for generations to come… whereas effortless goals will often wane at a moment’s notice.

Given this, it is vital to discern which targets are the worthiest ones to pursue.

The Torah, in Hebrew, means to direct, as if to shoot an arrow. It is the set of instructions to establish the discernment of the Father’s will. Examples of blessing, inheritance, and multiplication are presented here for those who follow His covenants—commitments requiring steadfastness, dedication, and consistency.

Does it not make sense to devote oneself to the Father’s stance? Yes, it will require following through with a steady, enduring perseverance… yet is well worth the exercise!

A question to ask—are you worth pursuing it?