Some years ago, wrote about the Attack of the Clones. As Stormtroopers have been deployed in attempt to remove any resistance from their path, we see the surge of another faction…

A discontented conglomerate waits patiently to counterstrike. Appalled by excessive corruption within the Galactic Senate, combined with growing frustrations of independent sectors, these objectors seek alternate leadership and technologies to confront the ongoing menace.

Count Dooku, an outspoken enthusiast symbolizing past nobility, has left the Jedi Council due to its growing complacency and unwillingness to engage the corruption. Understanding the vitality of business and exchange, Dooku pursues both the Trade Federation and Commerce Guild, claiming to return representation to the oppressed systems. Outer-rim forces, determined to remain self-reliant, seek his influence to end the conflict.

The Separatists are patient yet grow weary. What will be their counter-offense? Will they create their own army?

While legions of Stormtroopers persistently advance with false aim, an ever-growing resistance hides within the caves of Geonosis. They are growing in number! An upcoming grievousness also appears to command its ranks.

Is seditious Sidious behind it all?

This is the story of today. Political and social tensions, having arisen from its own despotic soup, enrage the conflict even further with mindless melees, unwavering pride, and senseless bantering. A troubling unrest has resulted—we find heartlessness within a sea of anger. This will only enrage the beast.

Although today’s Dooku may have noble intentions pursuing a worthy cause, let us not be so quick to overlook character. Only the high ground will prevail. With that said, the incompetence of our current Republic—especially towards the perverse—must be corrected.

In truth, it started with our own incompetence—it must end with the removal of such. If we do not resolve this now, a Dark Lord will eventually rise within us.