Over the last few months, have noticed a great lack of maturity in various leadership roles—regardless of the groupings being political, religious, or communal.

Many incidents of unrest have grown exponentially, amassing in activities of blame shifting instead of a morally firm, courageous stance. Confusing laws remain enforced for the orderly while blatant crimes are excused for the disorderly. It is hypocrisy at its finest.

We also see a continued allowance of propaganda to be spewed upon the youth. To those who have encouraged such unlawfulness is repulsive—especially as they allow them to ignorantly destroy their own communities.  In the end, it has brought about a clear exploitation of sincere citizens these leaders are meant to support.

The scriptures have clearly warned of such sorrows. This is why it is so vital for families to leave the larger city influences and spiritually prepare for what may come ahead. It is now up to sound minds to take heed of the signs given, getting their houses in order while they are still standing.

Now is the time for leadership from the Father himself. The practice of his ways is, very much, an essential work—even if society deems it not.

Do not keep catering to the entertainments of the world—this, fellow readers, is a distraction. Such activities will only postpone the actions you are meant to perform! Instead, use your time wisely, meditating on his words in prayer and fasting.  The solution should start within your abode.

In so doing, he will lead you to still waters, restoring your soul.