Hand Father Child

This person was going to present an entirely different subject, yet the Father preferred something else to be brought up at this time. It is regarding an important matter.

Given that this person has almost completed a certain task, the Father has been asking for a certain form of patience. An arrangement is being made for a certain time and place. It has been difficult, yet he is keeping me occupied along the way. It reminds me of a child who is strapped to a seat in a vehicle, in which the parent is driving a long distance to a particular location.

The Father has been really testing some of us. Not to see how much we can perform, yet how dedicated we are to perform in the way he specifically asks. When the cue comes, are we going to give the right lines? Are we going to trust him and faithfully accept his direction?

Both trust and relationship are a very important aspect of this message. In fact, it is what helps define it. It’s about a great communication, a dialogue which goes beyond the senses of traditional man. Many in the past have attempted to patent and sell it, trying to fit it into a specified box. Yet it’s an organic, living experience. And it must be lived to be understood.

There are so many who do not know how to live. A little here, a little there… they gamble with their lives, automating themselves in vain directions. They do not see the danger that lies ahead.

We cannot hide in our hobbies. We cannot hide in religion, politics, or the gossip of the day. We can’t hide our nakedness in these things people. We must be clothed by the true spirit of holiness, standing on the rock of true principle. It is this covering that will save us.