A strong message from Mikhael to be heeded:

“Blind are we, if creation of this clone army we could not see.”

The strong and wise in their towers were caught unaware of the trap set. Decades, if not hundreds of years, had the machinations been placed. Only after the deception, when it could no longer be avoided, did they finally begin to see.

Within their Temple they had the galaxy’s greatest archive of knowledge—thousands of the greatest warriors to ever live, along with loyal sentinels, research labs, educational systems, and intelligence networks. They were indeed formidable and masterful. Their Temple was indeed a light to all—a City upon a hill.

They looked to themselves and the power they possessed. They trained, they studied… they fought great battles and gained much success until the very end. It was at this end when all the vain glory was swept away.

They had lost their way in what mattered. Weakened and blinded, they came to not know their fate.

Unaware for so long were the mighty and blessed! Once the dark plan was in full effect, their fall took only a few years. The thief, coming upon them in an instant, eventually manifested their revenge. Dedicated achievements, regardless of galactic campaigns or distinctive decorations, meant nothing when faced by a trooper and his new Master.

Fallen and shamed, their prestigious pillars became the dwelling place of demons. All they had and had done was brought to nothing.

Then, when all was said and done, they were faced with two choices: comply or die. Yield did some—for it was easier, quicker. “Back to normal” was the sweet saying given to ease the stresses. Twisted they were into the inquisition… and worse.

How the mighty have fallen!

Think now Jedi learners—what do you know? Are you upon sand to be washed away in an instant… or upon the rock to stand in this life and to the next? If sand, it is time to confront this weakness.

The Knowing is all that matters.