Yahseph recently made contact with the Jedihood fellowship regarding what’s going on with his life. For some years, the intimacy of Jedihood has been shared with a group of people in private email—although communication has been currently lacking due to them getting distracted. Such distractions, though, can thwart us away from the real task at hand.

In response, have asked Yahseph if he can impart some helpful words in avoiding distractions.

It is often easy to allow situations to sway us away from our calling. This, in turn, can create idleness, deprivation, and spiritual starvation. Many of us have been working abnormal hours since COVID-19. Job responsibilities have decreased for some employees—yet, on the other hand, certain employees have been given significantly increased workloads, bringing about unhealthy anxiety and depression. Both situations have created an imbalance of time allocation, leading to a lack of focus towards accomplishing essential goals in our lives.

Because of this imbalance, we have a strong tendency to discharge matters essential to our survival. As a result, many are behind in the Father’s class—flunking at one of the most critical times in history. This is a period of time we should be getting our houses in order, pursuing the calling instead of slumbering idly on the destined path.

As time escapes us during this global event, we are not fulfilling our duty towards others in need—be it respecting members in our household or responding effectively to those taking advantage of others. How many of us (during this rare, seasonal moment) are assisting our family members, especially those who have opportunities to perform sensibly? By turning a blind’s eye to the Father’s path, we impoverish ourselves in maintaining crucial genealogical relationships. We also fail to defend the unprotected. While we deprive ourselves of fundamental responsibilities, we see violence increasing everywhere. We need to wake up to what is around us and fix the issues we are meant to address.

Our world is plagued with malnourished (yet highly potential) spiritual beings. Focusing our efforts into non-essential activities is depriving us spiritually. In contrast, we should be seeking the waters of virtue—reconnecting to our dehydrated spirit. Do we have the necessary patience to pursue the nourishment our society desperately needs?

What we need right now is a spiritual awakening! Let us end the distractions which allow these disconnections to take place. Let us reprioritize our lives, poising ourselves to a state of diligence and effectiveness.

Not only our physical, but our mental and spiritual health are on the line.