Han Solo

When confronting Star Destroyers and asteroid fields in our travels, the possibilities of successfully navigating such fill many with dread and despair. This happens because the world teaches that life is a game of chance. An existence factored by probabilities.

In fact, many look to Fortuna as their majordomo, giving him charge to their inner household. In doing so, they fail to see that his primary existence is to serve the vile gangster, basing their lives by statistical outcomes alone. Mind tricks are easily brought upon such people.

The scriptures warn of this spirit. As the serpent caused Eve to doubt in the garden, the adversary still attempts to draw us from the way of life. And although the Knowledge of Good and Evil may present itself in an aura of wisdom, it will always lead the taker towards foolishness.

Still, many keep biting the fruit. The odds might appear to be in their favor, yet, as the bets persist, eventually the house will win.

For the chosen though, this is a time for faith. An honest, sincere reaction, one which knows the destined path remains ahead. We must step forward, walking towards the greater purpose… not focusing on the paths conditioned for defeat, yet the one created to withstand.

“Take unto you the whole armor of Yah,” said Paul to the Ephesians, “so that you will be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”