Going to delve in an act hardly practiced in today’s world. It has to do with a very appropriate (yet foreignly absent) response to actions which are notably corrupt, devious, and immoral. In other words, it is a lack of the blush response.

In the book of Yirmiyahu (Jeremiah), the Father says the following:

“Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? No, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush—therefore shall they fall among them that fall. In the time of their visitation they shall be cast down (8:12).”

Take, for example, this response in 2018 from an individual representing the pseudo-Jedi (when given the message of humility): “I had humility once. Then I took some antibiotics and it flushed right through my system.” And so this message was also flushed down by many—yet today, with the casting down more prevalent, it cannot be said certain groups weren’t warned appropriately.

We hear of many who speak of honor, yet when it comes to maintaining and enforcing that very honor, so many epically fail to even speak up for it. Certain people preach the enforcement of prowess, for instance, yet are fully willing to compromise excellence for religious and/or philosophical dogma.

False justice, now encumbered by the heaviest of biases, seeks to boost vanity over honesty. Hypocrisy, is indeed, a worst enemy.

Is there any shame?

Shame should be a natural response to those participating in wrong behavior—for humiliation provides the great cure for the prideful. Pride always comes before the fall. As with any child being disciplined by a parent, the lowering to a humbled state is better done earlier than later in the scolding process.

Yet, instead of heading to vices which covers this scolding, accept it and grow from it. This is how we learn and mature.

Brothers and sisters… it is the fessing up to mistakes which displays honor—not the consistent denial of a broken practice. Stand up for what is right, and in open fashion—then you will once again be treated with the very respect you have just presented.