The following is based on words given on a website many years ago.

Today’s circumstance has brought remembrance of a great responsibility. It is a responsibility not spoken much today and is often ignored in public. In fact, many of us fail to understand the importance of such a task.

What is this responsibility? It is a letting go of what one believes they know… to that which actually knows. Many have a very hard time grasping this, so will further explain.

As mentioned in other instances, the word Jedi comes from an ancient word which means To Know. This knowing is relational and requires an act of faith, a submission to a higher source. It is the ability to submit which shows us that we, alone, are powerless. It is this powerlessness which brings forth the greater power. That it is the Father who provides for our needs.

The inability to submit shows not only defiance, yet ignorance as to what the practice actually represents. This is why submission is more important than building human friendships, or trusting in personal will to successfully venture.

Learning to accept what one doesn’t know allows the gateway of understanding to flourish. Yet when we close ourselves with selfish pomp, the gate abruptly closes. This is because we lose sight of the master, the compass which show us the way home. The moment we fail to recognize the source is the very moment we begin to falter in our direction.

The failure to bend, in essence, brings forth a breaking.

True resolution comes to those who humble themselves – for it is the realization that we, alone, cannot bring resolution. Only the Father’s spirit can accomplish this, for he is able to destroy the ignorance and doubts we hold tightly.

Let us submit ourselves daily by performing the tasks the teacher ultimately requires.