There is a time to read ingredients and browse the menu. It is good to make well-informed decisions. Yet there comes a point when one must partake in the meal itself.

There was a time this person listened to many people’s beliefs. Some beliefs made more sense than others. Eventually, though, began to notice more and more people not living how they speak. Even when someone presented a particular truth, it was provided primarily for personal satisfaction or self-motivated excitement. It was given for attention, not growth.

Belief is about action. It is not about mindless activities and contests, yet the active practice in daily living and behavior in common relationships. Words should be given based on experiences of fulfillment, not on observed opinions. They should be heard when the behavior is virtuous.

Am reminded of a particular teaching Yahshua gave in which his disciples murmured “This is a hard saying. Who can hear it?” Many of them went back and walked with him no more. He wasn’t afraid to offend them – for he was far more concerned about presenting the truth than catering to their personal preferences.

Those who are called to speak out cannot be afraid of itching ears. This includes your own. And do not worry so much about what others call you – let them figure it out as they awake. Your focus should be towards putting the standards (not your own) into practice. Simply listen to the Father and do what he says.

As with the menu, names serve a purpose in defining a generalized serving – yet does not substitute for the meal’s taste, quality, preparedness, or service. It is the active practice we are to look upon.