Here It Comes

This has been a difficult year so far. It has been hard providing an unpopular message to warn of an upcoming judgment. Yet, as we see the pieces fall outside our doorstep, others are slowly coming to the same realization.

The plummet of Star Wars is merely the catalyst. Given that many groups are dependent upon its success, its continued rejection will stem an apathy which will shake their core foundations. For the first time in many people’s lives, we are witnessing a world in which the myth isn’t enjoyable anymore. The tables have turned.

Not much is needed to be said regarding this. More and more are seeing it for ourselves.

There are those who could have taken notice of this years ago. They had warning.

Am reminded of a community someone attempted to create a couple of years back. He created a wonderful interactive site, yet no one came to interact… even though the very process had been successful seven years prior.

There will be those who will continue to rely on their prior successes, hoping to turn the curve. That turn, for many, will not show itself.

The Father has pointed out that what is occurring is a sifting process. He is looking for those who earnestly seek the truth, using this situation as a stumbling block for those who cannot see him.

With that said, it is my sincere prayer many more will come to this understanding. It’s time to go back home.