This particular message is given to those setting themselves apart from this worldly influence.

We are shifting to a specific point in time when lives will change in dramatic fashion. Those not paying attention will suffer a consequence never before seen in history—for tyrants have staged a series of events which will challenge even the Father’s elect.

Earthly securities will falter as mobs look for scapegoats. Confusion will encircle the camps. When the masses struggle for higher ground, they will look to those ready to give out light. We must be vigilant when such events unfold.

Do not expect to be whisked away when it comes time to shine! A test is coming before his chosen people—one which will reveal to the world those who trust the Father and his ways.

Will you survive the upcoming onslaught of ideas and suggestions designed to turn you away from this responsibility? Do not be supplanted by these ploys. Those who sacrifice their calling for convenience will fall prey to delusions—vain attempts to fasten a comfortable and sanitary lifestyle can leave one at the door.

The message here is a simple one. Persevere and stay the course!