Yes, it is a free download… yet full of adverts and in-game purchases. The first levels are easy to overcome, as it exists to simply get you hooked into your inventoried abilities. As it goes on, it manifests into an unending, tortuous journey, forcing you to do battles against similar players. People fork over their time, money, and energy, stockholding a slot in the worldly rank list.

Is this not what we have become?

In this new Star Wars age, all we need to do is download the app specifically molded for us, and, in no time at all, we will be unleashing Force powers and overpowering Sith Lords. Don’t worry about who you have to step over to get what you want. Just believe in yourself… for there is nothing to correct or work on, for you are perfect already in every way. You can be anything you want to be.

This is the utopian dream we have been feed, which has created a society of irresponsible, selfish, spiritually malnourished people. It reminds me of what John said of this time in Revelation. We say we are rich, have acquired the wealth of incredible knowledge, and do not need anything other than what we carnally lust for. Yet we do not realize how blind and naked we are. What is the counsel? Buy from the Father pure gold refined in the fires of trial, and wear the white garments of purity to cover our nakedness. Take hold of his spirit to wash our blindness. Love is not a mere carnal reaction. He rebukes and disciplines those he loves.

As said before, the word Jedi means to know. It is to have a personal relationship with the source of all life, to live by a standard, a compass, which takes us where he wants us to go. For it’s not about us. It’s not about what we want to gain, or how we want to live our life. It’s not about believing in ourselves, or to attain a goal of personal realization, to learn fancy tricks or show off mighty powers. This is the path that leads to death.

It is not an app we download, nor a mold we imprison ourselves under. It is a serious choice, a deep commitment. It requires obedience, integrity, and virtue. Trials will come, yet it is there to try us in the fire. For man’s work, it is written, shall be made manifest. For the day shall declare it as it is revealed by fire.

Allow the Father to put this application within your life. You will be blessed because of it.