Business of the Day

We are constantly being bombarded with so many minuscule, frivolous things. As the world continues to bring about incremental tidal waves of strife, many still hearken as before, steeping themselves further and further into a prison of shallowness.

By seeking personal, temporal wisdom, humanity continues to promote a steadfast foolishness. A mirage of false necessity ensues.

Still, we remain too occupied to notice.

This is not to imply that busyness is an evil endeavor (an idle laziness leads to great despair). With that said, it is easy to be engaged in ill-tempered quests which eventually come to absolutely nothing. This is why it is important to stop relying on self-catered thinking – for the flesh is but a temporary experience.

As mentioned in book of Matthew, we must not overly focus “where moth and rust corrupt and where thieves break through and steal – for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

Are we seeking first the kingdom, taking heed to the compass provided? Or are we seeking the things of the Gentile mind, thereby ignoring our Fatherly calling?

This is a time for the called-out ones to be sober—let the others worry about the daily affairs (that is their task). You, on the other hand, are meant to participate in a greater task. This is a time to prepare and get your house in order, to clean out the skeletons within your closet. This is the real business of the day.

A day is coming when you will be thoroughly tested and tried. Will you take heed to your true responsibilities – or will you fall to the others?