Hills Lead

It is good to let the Master give hard things to us, especially right now. We need to hear the words. These hard things are given because there are still a few of us left open for scolding.

Those of us left cannot be afraid to admit we have allowed darkness to enter, however minimal. We have been lazy at guarding our eyes, opening portals that should have never been opened. We have been deceived by vain things. We have done stupid things. Let us admit this and be open to the reprimanding.

Most people see punishment as mere retribution, not understanding it is synonymous with training, maturity, and correction. It teaches a lesson, lectures us on immaturity and the need for development. How else can one change from their unstable certainty?

Without standards, we have nothing to stand for. And that is why it is important to know the law—spiritual law. Just as if you were to defy the law of gravity, defying the spirit has similar consequences.

By denying our Father we deny our original nature. It is the Father who gives us commands, in order to teach us about the greater life. In maturity, they are to be ingrained; there is no point for a police state or a security camera then. You simply act and obey.

That is the spirit of the law the Messiah spoke about. These statutes are not to be tossed away; they are to be brought to its fullness.

Allow the Father to bring this fullness in you.