Shepherd and Sheep


Hear it?


If you aren’t paying attention, you can’t hear it.

You know the main reason why people can’t hear the Father speak at this time? We are too busy speaking to ourselves. We talk too much.

The sign of this is everywhere. Whenever looking on Facebook, find so many of us caught up in hearing ourselves speak, seeking this or that to plague our minds with stress, worry, and strife. Our attention spans are so faint, no one has the time to truly invest in relationship, in true knowing. This begins with the Father.

If you don’t know the Father, you will never know yourself. Too many of us are striving to seek who we are on our own terms. Many will keep searching for such and will not find it. The entrance has been sealed.

The Father knows who you are as he gave you life. Until we bend to his will, his rules, and his domain, we will not find the kingdom of heaven. We will not rest upon the mountain.

Going to share another video from the Swordfire series. The fire sword, as we spoke about previously, is the origin of the ancient lightsabre, which was harnessed by a group of messengers who guard the tree. They are still guarding it.

The Father has given us the ability to choose life again, according to his way and his truth. His Salvation (Yahshua). He has given us the path to return. Yet we must be willing to enter his rest. That means letting go of what we want to do and serve him.

Yet because of our urges, our indulgences to the bodily senses, we have become fat and vain. The dragon has taken advantage. So many are enchanted by his siren.

Let go of these things, humble yourself, seek his face again. Many of you learned who he was when you were a youth. But your soul has been hardened. Let us not spend our lives in vain. Even Solomon knew that all of it leads to vanity, and he was the wisest of men. The respect of the Father is the beginning of wisdom. Let us fall down and hear him.