The horrific events witnessed as of late should not surprise us. The tetrad moons of 2014-2015 (as well as its many celestial signs right before and after) should have awakened many from their heavy stupor—yet a strong defiance remains in hearts.

Because of this rebelliousness, the curses continue to press onward—leading the world towards great pain, calamity, and despair.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Earnest cries in the wilderness can still be heard—although a generation must rise up to quench the stubbornness of fools. They must remove the vain, self-indulgent spirit in order to become humbled and disciplined. They must let go of the former ways.

Such actions, though, demand a greater will beyond human capability—a will only the Father can provide. Although at times eager, we must hold a serious, complete mind to listen… and fulfill.

Warnings can only save those willing to be informed. Adequate knowledge is also required to decipher. A vast spectacle of road flares, for example, will not successfully warn drivers who remain apathetic (let alone ignorant) of what is observed. Although fascinating to some, such signs aren’t there to look pretty—yet to caution of what lies ahead.

Moving forward, let us fully recognize the declarations brought before us… and have them proclaimed upon the inner housetops.