Burning of the Temple

Most look towards the physical for insight. An object may teach a spiritual truth, yet it does not necessarily produce truth in and of itself. The scriptures warn about investing ourselves in such things. Although some may find happiness in its pursuit, its overall sustenance will eventually wane.

In Star Wars, we learn that the Jedi were purged due to this ever growing focus. Their pursuit towards maintaining visible influence clouded their judgement from discerning a deep, spiritual depravity from within their ranks. The rise of the Separatist movement, for instance, may have been abetted by the Sith, yet would never have gained momentum if not for the corruption the Jedi failed to distinguish. Although the Jedi had taught their Padawan learners to avoid personal attachment, they failed to see their own conformity to a degrading system, a system which created idleness towards social conformity.

The following are a few examples of practices which helped cemented their purge. As was criticized of the Pharisees during Yahshua’s time, the practice of vain ritual should never dictate our overall performance. By doing so, we allow our spiritual households to become an adulterated marketplace.

The Temple

As with the Jedi, most people today focus more on a physical temple or church building instead of the sanctity of those within it. In truth, the body and mind is to be the temple for the spirit of holiness, kept sanctified and upright. Most treat it like a dumpster, walking towards tendencies that defile the soul. It must be treated as a consecrated space, fervently guarded from evil attacks.

The Order

Many of us are too busy creating new orders instead of obeying the original ones we have already been given. Obedience is a key component here. We should never expect people to follow alongside us when we are not following the commands spiritually ordained for us to perform. Our inability to listen teaches those around us to do likewise to our own instruction.

Codes, Creeds, Maxims, Tenants, etc.

Accurately reciting a statement of belief does not come close to the successful, ongoing performance of its interpretation. The same can be said with the scriptures itself. We can muse about its application, yet if it isn’t being daily performed in the actions of those who preach it, then it is a waste of everyone’s time. Remember we are judged by the very standards we hold towards other people.

Keep in mind these are just a few examples. There are many others.

We must be careful never to allow visual appearance to act as the primary substitute for faith. Some may stress the importance of removing ignorance through knowledge, for instance, yet if they are conveniently ignoring truths by hiding its whereabouts, which is the greatest indicator?

In short, we have become too attached to external devices which do not feed us spiritually. These objects have plagued us more than they have helped. The more we turn to them for guidance, the easier it is to be swayed towards our own destruction.

This is a time to focus on what matters most.