It is amazing how many of us worship objects. People confirm that, in our distant past, we worshiped graven images of various gods. Yet we are still doing it today in many forms.

Some may believe we do not mount statues, yet today we glorify toy figures on shelves. We still poster of our socially accepted deities on our walls, follow along with super beings reigning over Earthly domains, and attend ritual-cons. Not only do we worship the groves by cutting the trees each winter, we also allow our children to pass through the fire for personal wealth. We still bake cakes and drink wine to worship our nightly idols.

Objects are there to teach us a lesson. Humans though have a hard time separating the object from the message. That is why the Father made it clear in his instructions not to worship graven images; he knew we were too immature to understand the spiritual backing behind it. This is a curse that falls upon us, he says, until the third and fourth generation of those who despise him. Yet if we follow it faithfully, we will be shown his love for a thousand generations.

This brings up a Star Wars quote. For over a thousand generations,” says Ben Kenobi, “the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice.” Yet eventually you see they began to worship their abilities and their orders. Anakin worships the object Padme so closely he becomes the Darth Vader. And, as you see the story unfolds, this curse lasts until the third to fourth generation. Not only is the family cursed, yet the galaxy of planets themselves.

Let’s us bring some meaning to these Star Wars names. Ben Kenobi means Son of the Knowing Soul. Ken has always been a reference to vision and discernment, while Obi is a reference to the heart and soul of an individual. Ben in Hebrew means Son of. Anakin is a reference to the giants/tyrants in scripture, such as the Anakim in the land of Canaan. They were spiritually and genetically twisted. Padme is a reference to Padma, which means lotus flower. It’s an object which many people in the West observe when following the religions of the East. And Darth Vader, as most of us know, means Dark Father. Put this all together and it will tell a story of our spirituality today.

In summary, let this be said. This is the time to put down the lotus flower. In the Odyssey, on the land of the Lotus Eaters, they ate an intoxicating drug fruit called the lotus. The plant caused the sailors to forget about their journey, their homes, and their overall destiny. It caused them to go to a never-ending sleep.

Yes, this sleep gives us a very peaceful sensation today, yet it is false. It is time to awake and take on the true orders of the Master. Put these items away and awake from your slumber. See the message for what it is.