The following message is based on a writing presented many years ago called The Potential of Words:

What we say can either connect or repel.  It is a sword providing not only warmth and comfort yet also detachment and irritation.   It can quiet a passionate heart or save a hopeless soul.  

Language requires an earnest temperance.  It demands a literate soul who is objective and honest, impartial, unbiased, and discerning.  When harnessed effectively, it produces great vision and interpretation, providing appropriate weight to a complex equation.  

Given these laws, we should take note of its authors.  Just because it pours from mouths doesn’t mean it originated from such.   Same could be said of wine within clay vessels—its grapes come from an earlier vineyard.

As Qoheleth spoke in Ecclesiastes, what has been is that which shall become.  We only say what has been said before!   This truth should take us away from the pettiness of self-expression—for the potential of tongues is found beyond our frailty.

There is a life before us all.   He spoke us into existence from breath, imparting words which made us flesh.  He dwells among those who acknowledge him, presenting a wisdom which adversaries cannot refute.

“Heaven and earth shall pass away,” he says, “but my words shall not pass away.”  

Being so, shouldn’t we speak his words alone?   

Blessed are such wineskins.