Often enough we are quick to pursue lifestyles which conclude in frivolous nonsense. External noises, anxious to diverge its attention, break upon the internal realms of countless souls for the greatest impact.

Voices eventually cry out in desperation. Even still, the exploitation continues.

Why do we give in to shades and obscurities? This catering persists due to proneness of lies given by seducing spirits. As Shaul wrote to Timotheus, these spirits express itching, hypocritical lies, aiming to sear one’s conscience with enchanting words and soothing doctrines.

Such deceptions lead us away from the real bread of the Father’s word—taking us further and further apart from his intimacy. It allows destructive pillars to remain in corrupted hearts, casting aside true merits of righteousness.

We do not have to live in this foolishness—yet how can we see our direction if we do not know who fashioned its structure?

Do not ignore the source who gave us life. Before the world began, our very purpose was considered—we were given favor during a formless, barren age. Eventually we were birthed and became a living soul. Such blessings are real and came upon us all.

Rather than giving in to a field of shadows (each able to coerce us towards gullibility), let us give up our vanities and place upon the Father’s virtues. Surrender is eventually the final breath for us all—better it is to fall into the hands of grace than the grips of a foreign adversary.

Are we not worth more than many sparrows?