The following is the introduction to The Jedihood Message manuscript:

Trust and Relationship.  These two words sum up this great experience.

This experience started since birth. It has been fascinating to look back to see the moments which lead up to this point. Clues were left here and there, planting vital keys which would slowly unlock a destined path.

In the early years as a child, was surrounded by expressions which captured the Father’s voice, primarily the scriptures (this message refers to its words as the script).  This coincided with an interaction with what is known as Star Wars.

The earliest memories of Star Wars were at five to six years old. Remember my father allowing me to walk inside a small room in Sears by myself at night, seeing it completely stacked with vintage toys. Remember catching glimpse of the brand new VHS release of Return of the Jedi in KB Toys—as well as a local Gemco (a retail store taken over by Target in November 1986) scattering Star Wars figures all over the floor at discounted prices. These moments are seared within.

This was met by the many Christian music records my parents purchased and played throughout my first fifteen years. It was hard to understand why songs such as Dallas Holm’s “He’ll Dry the Tears”, Harvest’s “Stand”, and Don Francisco’s “Messengers From Heaven” touched me at such an early age—now it becomes so clear.

Years later, when getting ready to graduate from High School, was led to cross paths with two online strangers (one being Aharon, who introduced me) in April 1999. This allowed a presence to be known, a five-letter handle that would eventually lead a group of people to establish a community. This group, which noted truths within the fictitious Jedi in Star Wars, slowly began to unite under a similar cause.

For reasons later understood, the Father had placed me before the rest, allowing this flesh to sow seeds that would eventually relate this message to a lost, confused generation.

Things went well until a prophetic dream in October 2000. This person dreamt about a house in the middle of a desert—within the house was a small meeting of people. As the discussion continued, there began disagreements. Eventually, this person was shunned and left the house. Time passed. A calling was given came back in order to look inside a window—inside were armies of clones which marched like machines. While walking away, noticed in the back of the house a junkyard (large pieces had been thrown outside of the house). When touching these pieces, a jewel was found within them and they were revived as people. A very small, dedicated group of individuals were formed and eventually surrounded the house. When surrounded, the group called fire out of heaven. The fire destroyed the house to its very foundation.

At the time, didn’t know what it meant—was greatly bothered by it. Was about to make a decision to leave yet other members convinced this person to stay. Eventually, though, this was found to be exactly what would happen in the future.

Sometime later, a media incident happened in March 2001 which would forever shape the direction of a community, pushing it towards a religious movement. The adversary flashed power and influence in the eyes, all to make compromise of one’s faith. The dream was again remembered;the offer was quickly turned down. The Father has given remembrance of this decision as it brings him content.

Since that time, the tares began to grow and pull an individual down towards a slow, growing tiredness and depression. A spirit began to break. By July 2006, had provided a last comment and became an online hermit.

He allowed this person to hide. It didn’t take long for people to quickly forget and replace what had happened. History was rewritten for a more convenient set of events.

For the next ten years, the Father began to strip away the preconceptions of the past. Starting with meeting a dearest friend (Yahseph) a year after the departure, he brought down this weak clay to the lowest state in order to rebuild. This person then remembered a challenge given some years prior—was led to read the scriptures from cover to cover, and then again with more diligence. Truths were revealed. The Star Wars items around the bedroom slowly lost significance. They were eventually put away. A spirit, gradually, was renewed.

Lost in translation, the Father began to guide his servant towards truth. Many nights there were cries. Eventually was humbled to a state this person could be transformed to perform a task. He showed me that my doctrines, however noble, were vain. What he needed from me was obedience—to simply listen and do what he says.

When all that remained of the previous shell was let go, the Father revealed a great truth in his word.  An epiphany (eureka) movement came about—the scriptures opened and a persona was realized.

It was always there. It was simply hidden until that very moment.

That is when he began to call out to this piece of clay. By March 2014, was convicted and began to let go of enjoyable conveniences. This was further triggered by an old friend (Aharon) who was broken and confused by those who had beaten him down. There we were again, brought full circle.

At first, thought it best to revive the original website we had once started. Yet,as this person stated to gaze inside the community, legions of fallen ones were seen. For two years this person tested them and found the obvious. The dream was being fulfilled in real time.

How would it work out this time around? Would one finally make the right decision?

That is when this message came. It started quickly with a surprising boldness, first presented in a personal video conversation on March 2016. At first, the message had no name, as was still hesitant. Yet, gradually, its name was revealed. The message led us to a thirty hour, fifty part video series which lasted until March 2017.

Although this message was given out prematurely to the community before its completion, it created a fire that could not be quenched. People called to this message were further challenged. It was purposely made hard to test hearts over minds—for only the chosen and humble were sought after.

In May 2017, was convicted to create another series called SwordFire. Although it presented great truths, found its targeted audience was not one the Father desired. By October that same year, was brought again to another crossroads.

Months passed. Things began to get quiet and thought my task had been completed. That is when the illness hit. And that is where this writing begins.

This person is still very hesitant to present this. It has been difficult to see how nearly everyone who has encountered this message has rejected it at some point, either in full or in part. Although it has taken a man a decade to come to terms with it,this person still struggles upon its realization. This is because the message deals with humility and servitude. It does not regard the altruistic behavior one religiously, politically, or socially pushes in public—nor does it favor the pompous.

Pomp is such a horrid condition. It is one of the most dangerous vices known to man. This and other dark strains cling to our habitual lives in order to disable us from hearing the Father’s voice. This is why so many are too busy building tall towers for themselves. Until we stop upon the stray paths we are treading, and actually listen to the calling, we will not learn of the true path.

This message comes from the Father. He speaks of the way of life and how it must be separated from the strays of death. There are many, many ways to stray from his path—those ways will always lead to death. Yet for those stay on target—he will reveal himself.

My sincere hope is that the Father will reveal himself to you in this message. If you hear this message… he is talking to you.

Be blessed.

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