While presenting the wisdom scrolls in scripture, have come upon a calming, yet vigorous reverence. This reverence has ushered a deep respect for the Father not fashioned by the practices of mainstream spirituality. It has brought upon this flesh great faith and understanding.

In reflection, have discerned the Father’s ways to be too upright for commonality–specifically the superficial, senseless routines today. His precepts require a sobering and consistent holiness… a diligent, steadfast strength which perseveres through dire circumstances. Seekers, failing to withstand the hardships of worldly struggles, only find rest in committing themselves to a greater institution.

This commitment, however, is hardly witnessed. Common religion seeks vain imagination instead of noble substance, actively maintaining spiritual-like garbs which deceptively cover false constitutions. These garbs aim to protect deep insecurities woven within humankind–all in the attempt to avoid a moral disturbance.

These movements may feed dogs immediate, compulsive scraps–yet fails to offer true and wholesome provision.

In scripture, the Father addresses such lures leading to destruction. “Be not as your fathers,” he says in Zechariah, “unto who the former prophets have cried saying, ‘This says the Father of hosts.’ Turn now from your evil ways and from your evil doings… but they did not hear or hearken unto me.”

“Be silent all flesh before the Father– for he is raised up out of his holy habitation.”

When we become quiet and turn ourselves towards the Father’s path, the Father, at his appointed time, will speak– and turn himself towards us. He will reveal himself through the establishment of his statutes.

Such is wisdom.