Am currently putting together all of the messages from the beginning of this page (which is also posted on the website) to this point in time within a single readable document.

There is a bit of cleaning up that needs to be done still yet thought it was time to mention this.

With this mentioned, there is plenty that can still be said although it is not my intention to give any false excitement. It would actually be best to bring about challenges to sift out vain spirits. Am simply waiting for the right time, the right place, and the right group of people. Simply need to be patient and allow the true spirit to take over.

The Father has given great understanding these last four years. He greatly rewards those who earnestly seek his will over personal will. The ability to stand in adversity presents an even greater strength. Instead of a quick and dying flame, longevity with a greater increasing heat is the goal.

Until the next message, remember that the Jedi practice is not one based on centered wants or desires. This will only lead you to seek towers that are structurally unstable. Seek the true order and allow it to enter the temple within. When you do this, you will be allowed to know.

For the others, allow them to see what they will. There are plenty of false lights to chase.