Obi Knows

It is much more than a trade dispute, or a federation boycott. Although many have attempted to jam transmissions, summoning destroyers to come-a-blazing with shielded generators… the relaying of an important message still remains the most prominent.

You see, a droid army is fully armed to attack. In fact, they are already upon the planet’s surface.

And no, the negotiations never took place.

This is an urgent matter. It is a message given at a most desperate hour. Desperate to reach the old hermit beyond the Dune Sea, it preludes to a time of valor… a time when Knights served the Father.

Now he begs you to help him in his struggle against the Empire.

It is regrettable to not be able to give the Father’s request to you in person, hence these recordings. Yet they are vital to the destruction of the Death Star. The Death Star has its own message, you see, one that is quick to provoke a powerful, swift stroke against an organic military target.

This, on the other hand, has noted a particular weakness within the battle station. Don’t worry. My Father will know how to retrieve it (he’s not getting too old for that sort of thing).

Although many have rejected him, the Father still speaks today. He continually speaks to us, telling us of his Will. We may hear the sound of a thousand terrible things heading this way, yet there is no need to panic. Stay focused, concentrate on the living breath. You’ll be protected.

Just stay in that cockpit.

When you learn to quiet your mind, you’ll hear him speak to you. Just keep it in the here and now where it belongs. He’ll handle the rest. Remember, your focus determines your reality. Stay close to him… and you’ll be safe.

This message has always existed. In fact, each trilogy has been triggered by it. You know, the text gliding in space… as the holographic message is given hastily to manifest a Jedi rendezvous. The words are hopefully given. It’s showing us that no matter how much it has been tainted, twisted, or perverted, its origin remains the same.

It was never about religion, you see. Not about philosophy, or ideology. It’s not about isms.

It’s about him. It’s about listening, understanding. Hearing and doing. It’s a matter of discipline, a living obedience. It’s greater than the vast amounts of bullocks we place upon our altars.

He is asking us to die to ourselves, you see, to put our selfish ways upon the funeral pyre. To hold our sword steady with our head bowed. He is testing us, just as he did with Abraham and Isaac.

Will we listen to his call?