For every falling branch, there was once a trunk sustaining it. A system of roots once provided it nourishment.

Many are amazed of various safeguards declining in the world–especially as they dangle in a concurrent fashion. Once thought to be stable, these dry, thirsty limbs quickly dismember in the mildest of storms.

Great attention to this demanding scene will not tell the entire story. Spectators should not only pull back to behold the tree which nurtured the branches, yet dig deep to behold the roots which gave it life. Such effort though takes great patience, thoughtfulness, and determination.

Was the planting given good soil, water, and care? Did the caretakers tend to it responsibly? Were promises of growth cherished more than observations of fruit?

A more observant inspection should prevail in this hour! In order to reveal sound solutions, diligent work is needed to find the sources of the problem, however inconvenient or displeasing. This means examining all parties responsible–including ourselves and those who are most feared.

Admittance of such evidence will help solve these matters.