Temple in Israel

Many years ago, there was a time this person was quite focused on creating orders, protocols, and things of that nature. Produced many writings and teachings while initiating a great deal of structural conversation.

The scriptures remind me of the frailty of such activities. When Solomon finished building the temple, for instance, it had to be properly dedicated for the Spirit to enter within its doors. Eventually, due to a falling away of the people, the Spirit eventually left, leading to the disorder and captivity of the nation.

Today, there are many who focus on building towers. It’s very easy to get caught up in such things as people are very active in it. Yet what about the spirit that lies within such construct? What are these monuments being dedicated towards? These are important questions.

We must remember that Israel once put together a calf molten with gold, dedicating it in place of Yah and his appointed feast. “These be your gods, O Israel, which have brought thee up out of the land of Egypt.” They went according to the traditions learned from a foreign land, rather than of heeding the instructions at the mountain. They were impatient, wanting to do things the way they thought was best.

Yet the Spirit did not come down to bless them. In fact, quite the opposite happened.

We must look at the spirit within people. Although their temples may be decked with gold and fine apparel, do not be deceived. What matters is the true heart of the soul. A vast layering of fine morality will not save them in judgment.

So, beware. When you see a group that has turned to actions of vanity, ignorance, foolishness, and pride, being very adamant to excusing such behavior, it is best to leave them entirely. Otherwise you will suffer under their curse. Although they may look as a lamb, they can easily speak as a dragon.

Yet those who focus on the true Spirit represent the true dedication. It is rare to see such a congregation.

Please inform if you find one.