A Matter of Discipline

Today, we are quite eager in creating endless amounts of new rules and requirements. Whether it be social, governmental, or religious, a plethora of new procedures keeps coming our way.

This is not to say that having laws are evil. Far from it. Yet we are too focused on its new construction and interpretation… instead of obeying and enforcing the ones we were originally given.

It all comes down to a matter of discipline. The practice of dedicating one’s self to meaningful action. People naturally relate to its performance. They need living examples, living testaments of those who follow a higher standard.

A standard, in ancient times, was a banner or staff that was lifted up to display a particular authority. It was a message which communicated there was an incoming order.

This is a time for certain individuals to become a living standard, to live and do as they are asked by the Father. Instead of allowing false images to be displayed, why aren’t we living a true display?

Belief is not merely a word set in codes and creeds. It is an act of being willing, ready, and able to do what is right. It is an act that is to be displayed in full confidence, executed faithfully even while others ignore it.

In the book of Leviticus, we find three distinct categories: the unclean, the clean, and the holy. It is cleanliness which separates the holy from the profane, yet it is holiness that truly brings about right-living and purpose.

The spirit of holiness (Ruach) is qodesh, a Hebrew word which means set-apart, separated, and divinely sacred.

This spirit is able to live in those who walk according to the Father’s ways. Very few enter its holy place… yet it is this very obedience performed which saves the camp.

Let us hope to find such individuals.