This day is what started the seed of what eventually became known as the Jediism cult. Remember that day very well, not only because it was the release date of the first census in which people placed Jedi as their religion, yet because of its forced involvement.

That morning was not the fondest. Remember those online at the time who were thrilled by the attention, yet especially remember those who were disgusted by it:

This March 2001 BBC article was the beginning catalyst which started a personal awareness of a dangerous concoction, that of 21st century religion and fictional Jedi beliefs. Believe the Father purposely was testing my spirit. Also believe he wanted to get this moment seared in my memory, especially after he had warned about it in October1999.

Remember the media really wanted to push this and get the Creed members to speak, which lead to the closure of the website, It was never intended to be used as religious material.

Most Jediists are not aware of the March 6th date as none of them were grouped when it happened. It wasn’t until a month later when a few individuals from the UK (after their E-mail Hoax) got an idea to call this religion Jediism. By August, when it had hit Australia, another wave came… and by October, it had hit the UK and started to go viral. Keep in mind this was occurring before and after the 9/11 attacks, which is most likely why the States didn’t give attention to it until 2002.

Have a friendly relationship with two New Zealanders, and know that Zealand is used as a testing ground before certain things hit the UK, Europe, and the States. Hence in those upcoming months it came in that order.

As close family members remember, regarding the Robert Wendland case that went to the California supreme court (the bias-written Wiki story will also be shared below), it taught us to never to trust the media. Seen them in multiple occasions bend people’s words to stir a social change:

This event prepared this person to shun away from the media regarding the Jedi census. It was a hint that the Father was leading me down a particular destined path. Little did this person realize that by seeing its seed at the very beginning, it would grant a natural opening to a particular audience.

Now here we are.