Fiery Furnace

Some have wondered why this message has not been given directly to other groups. Simply have not been called to go into their camps at this time, nor find any inclination to do so. If there is a Ninevah, it will be known. It has been rare to see sackcloth. The humble are the main focus at this hour. They are worth the Father’s full attention at this time.

It is up to those who find and relate to this message to have a desire share it to their peers without any coercion. If it goes to deaf ears then it is meant to do so. At the very least it is off of my head. That is the role of the guardian.

The reason why this message remains for the years it has is because the fire cannot be quenched. Its stance only urges the curious to seek what has been censored. Perhaps a few will be worthy to take the sword from the stone. As a forgotten voice once said, “Time will tell as we tell time as well.”

For most, it has created a gnashing of teeth. And that is part of its purpose. It is to be a burdensome stone. All who burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces. He who falls on the stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder. It shall be a cup of trembling for the faithless, a hearth of fire among the wood. It is as a torch of fire upon a sheaf.

The best thing to do is for us to listen and not speak. If one speaks, one must be ready for the onslaught. The Father’s words will not be mocked – for the guilty will reveal themselves. The foolish man will unsheathe his sword without hitting anything. He will come back home thinking he has succeeded. Let him live with that delusion.

One cannot fight spirit with fleshly tools. One must temper their sword amongst the fire of cleansing. One must also have the proper garments.

Learn to pass the four trials. The first is humility. Only the penitent man will pass the first marker. Yet, once inside, you must be courageous dear one, standing on the word of the almighty. When you have gotten past this point, connect, let it be known, and these words will continue in your hearing.