When reflecting upon the dream from twenty years back, remember the portion in which this person looked inside a once familiar house to see Stormtroopers marching in unison. It was quite shocking to see such—to witness a group who had lost their identity in order to engulf themselves to imperial conditioning.

This, though, was the price many were willing to pay to create a mighty, yet fallen, empire—for it had become their empire of dreams.

The community this person once helped to create used to stand for something more. Yet, over time, as a pompous, religious sensationalism has taken hold, it has lost its direction, placing upon itself a false facade of nobility. In short, whatever fundamental truths were previously held appear to have been shed—a boisterous, loud noise has become (in many people’s minds) far more important then a sincere, moral practice.

Fads come and fads go—yet what matters at this time are those who earnestly seek refuge upon the rock of virtue. Instead of looking for phony credentials, this is the moment to look within your heart. You will be seen for how you perform—will you act wisely, or foolishly? Will you look to the true covering instead of the clothing? Will you commit to the worthy deed (even while no one is looking), or flaunt it openly in order to boost your audience ratings?

In the end, we will all be judged by these sorts of questions.

Many have wielded their weapons with skill and molded their bodies to great fitness—yet the spirits, when tested, will ultimately decide their path. The eager soldier, without the backing of the righteous General, will not withstand the fight.

This empire may wear its signet proudly—yet only for a season. It is but one of many that have come and gone.