How is Jedihood (Yod Dalet Hey Dalet) reached?

Let us first ask why this isn’t reached.   There are many reasons for this, yet an overarching conflict is surrendering ones will to the higher will.  A youth is easily swayed with external forcing, and, if not put in check, will attempt to imprint those around them with instilled beliefs they assume is their own.   Some people remain in this stage their entire life.  

The meek shall inherit this earth because they will recognize the truth within their lowly state.  Out of the dust we came, and to the dust we shall return.   What will remain?   Prideful accomplishments?   As with kings, they have come and gone.   Our histories, however distorted, consistently points to those who have contributed—yet with these contributions comes costs and regrets.   What remains is the humble soul who lives through the Father’s anointing, carefully noting the frailty of society which burns as the chaff in due season.  

As a response to the anointing, they obey the calling.   Upon those who receive his precepts comes great peace—they allow the spirit of meekness to grow and mature within the deeper pleasantries the Father provides.   Memorials built by the mighty shall fall from stature and become great proverbs of reproach… yet the lowly will recognize the lesson and kneel in haste.  

Are you called to the Father’s surrender?   If so, here comes a teaching which should not be ignored…

The Hebrew letters Yod Dalet (where the word Jedi comes from), stems from the following:

Yod, the hand which opens, is the Father whose flame will aide (and eventually knight) those who diligently seek his blessings.   Dalet, the door which open to the humble, gives access to the knighted where there was no access.  These are the Yahudah (Yahu-Dah), or those who praise the Father’s name through obedience and are separated from worldly lusts (qadosh).  

Given this, we must remember the blood cries out through innocence, not by pride of worldly stature.   He sees the inner garments!

The problem is many Yahudah are not paying attention to the door.   Hey is a steer reminder to keep us focused on the door to the wedding feast and not slumber as the disobedient priest.   When the door opens, will you be ready?   If you are wise to maintain the light in desperate times, staying pure in the process, your attention will be fixed upon the door prior to its opening (read Mattityahu, Matthew 25).

Jedihood = Yod Dalet Hey Dalet = “His Hand is at the Door—Pay Attention to the Door!”

Knowing is relational–it is through relationship that we are beloved by him (Jedidiah).  If you do not know the Father, can you enter therein?  No!  So let us seek to know him and follow his commands (again, this is for the called ones).

Hide this in your spirit and apply.