A knight, in the old English, is a servant, a disciple who attends the defense of their sovereign. It is an act of obedience without expectation of reward.

Many of us look up to the Jedi Knight, yet fail to grasp what it is all about. The truth is many of us do the very opposite of what we strive to become. Instead of standing in faith, year by year we have compromised our beliefs to blend with the sway of the crowd. And instead of keeping to the path the Master has showed us… we have twisted it in order to force it into a common mold.

Do you know why his message will succeed? It is because the Father is greater than any of us. He gives wisdom to those who respect him and obey his commands. To others, those who spit at him and poke at his face, he gives delusions.

What Shaul says to Thessalonika should be taken seriously at this time. For those who do not receive the love of the truth will be given a strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. Yet for those who have accepted the Father’s direction, he gives hope and comfort, establishing every good word and work.

Today this person was reminded of what it means to be comforted by the Father. To let go of how you think it should work out, and let him guide your actions.

Remember the story of when the disciples are fishing in the boat? After fishing all night with no results, Yahshua tells them exactly when and how to cast their net. It is at that moment they caught all the fish they could carry. To become fishers of men, we must ask ourselves… how are we casting his net? Are we doing it in obedience? Are we standing in faith that his words alone will grant us success, not our own?

Or are we attempting to serve with the expectation that our own strength will succeed?

By their fruits you will know.