Dagobah Blues

Our eyes can deceive us. Still, many of us trust them. Then, when the voice says to “let go,” we hesitate, pressing onward with our targeting computers. Eventually, things go wrong. We complain that the Master is the fool… when, in truth, our own blindness has made us the more foolish.

We ignorantly look to ourselves instead of the higher will that exists around us. Hand postures and noble intentions will not magically lift out our ship from the swamps of despair. We choose not to believe.

And that is why we fail. It is because our lack of faith is found disturbing.

Faith, as a grain of mustard seed, can remove the mountains that confront our path. Yet this requires action, a sincere prayer and fasting of the soul. As noted by James in the gospels, faith without works is dead. Yet just because we commit ourselves to a great, laborious work doesn’t mean we have executed ourselves in a faithful manner.

Will we finish what we began? It’s a matter of will… one higher than our own selves. For it is the Father’s will that gives us true confidence. Until we seek the path of destiny, we will not be able to successfully confront the Dark Father, the devil… let alone sinister Palpatine (palatable sin) which oversees him.

As the Jedi in Star Wars, one by one the righteous have slowly gone extinct, hunted down and destroyed by evil agents. There was a time, long ago, when they were the guardians of peace and justice. This, though, was before the dark times.

Can they exist again? They can and they will.