Emperor with Nute Gunray

Some have pondered why so many groups have gotten themselves so steeped in religious ritual, organizational procedures, academic and philosophical opaqueness, and/or systematic meticulousness, such as ranking systems, monetization, policies, and so forth, while at the same time losing their moral and spiritual integrity.

People have asked how to clean up these things. What these pursuits fail to realize is that these outcomes are simply external signs to a greater problem. These external fruits show us the problem lies with the very conception they practice – that the practices themselves are built on a system constructed primarily by man’s thoughts of selfishness.

Human beings, on their own accord, will rationalize abstraction in which one can manipulate, mold, fleece, or take power of. These are the ways we must be careful not to condone.

Yet, even today, how many attempt to find answers to please the god of the self? This simply sows the seeds of strife within a once fertile garden.

Let it be explained what is meant by this abstraction. For example, stop for a moment and see how one uses the word “Jedi.” Look at it closely. When you say it, are you performing the word or simply referring to a construct? It is most often the latter.

Is it not the same when people say they are of a particular religious or political sect? Quite so.

This is why so many get into the confusion of various ways, shadings, and images (dare it be said idols). Don’t get this wrong – the word Jedi is true and points to a real practice, yet so many have invented paths which take away its actual meaning, ignoring its important act by molding it into a graven object. The object then begins to take place of the reality.

This particular craftiness is very much seen in the scriptures. Prophets, such as Yermiyahu (Jeremiah) and Yahshua, saw the endless sacrifice of animals without true repentance… as if the ritual itself made up for the lack of sincerity.

Today is seen the very same thing. Instead of being washed in the river of cleanliness, for instance, we now have a systematic ritual called Baptism that we can hang our hat on – and instead of being rebirthed into a life of righteousness, we now place our faith in a “Born Again” conception date.

This is not to say these rituals mentioned are innately evil. It is simply pointing out that human beings have a horrible habit of focusing solely on ritual instead of following the actual performance the ritual is pointing towards. In essence, they look to the object instead of understanding the object lesson.

This is what led ancient Israel, as well as so many people today, into worshiping graven conceptions, leading to moral, spiritual decline.

When it comes to the actual Jedi concept, many simply have no clue what the word means. Yedah/Yediah, in the ancient tongue, means “to know.” It refers to an act that is to be performed – a deep, spiritual connection with the higher will (Father).

So, when people say they are a “Jedi” they are essentially saying they supposedly have this connection. Yet, when they are seen to not practice accordingly, what does this tell us? It tells us that even though one may have a master rank, organize a top-of-the-line religious movement, have thousands of followers in their pocket, it means absolutely nothing if the way of living isn’t heeded.

Such a person is simply playing dress up, placing themselves in delusion in order to portray their individual self-practices as valid.

The Father, through the prophet Yeshayahu (Isaiah), once said that all of our own self-righteousness (however noble) is as fifthly rags.

So many hide their vile practices within an outward coating of nobility, focusing on vices instead of virtue. This can sometimes be hard to decipher. The Father, on the other hand, can see right through this.

Many think that Yahshua, for instance, came to build an organization, or temple, or religious group. He didn’t come to promote a faction of man’s ways. Why do you think he was so upset with the Pharisees and Sadducees, purposely breaking their fence laws? He came to bring the kingdom.

Most people don’t understand what this kingdom is because they are so stuck in graven thinking. He’s not solely referring to a physical kingdom, yet a spiritual one. The word kingdom refers to a realm, a domain – not primarily a building or construct.

How does this kingdom come? It comes through a daily, active practice of the Father’s will. That is what “daily bread” means in what is known as The Lord’s Prayer.

This act, though, promotes the giving of yourself to His Will – not to a collection of selfish wills (such as how people use the concept of the Force).

“Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall loose it, and whosoever shall lose his life shall save it.”

Did you ever notice, for instance, that in Lucas’ Star Wars those who followed the greater will were alive in spirit after death? They were ghosts in spirit because they practiced in spirit.

This is merely an object lesson to show the importance of an active practice, one that is alive and breathing. The chosen are to heed the calling of the greater will, the higher will (the Father). They are those who follow and obey the order, not “The Jedi Order” of man’s construct.

What is so baffling is that people do not understand the Star Wars Prequels were showing how the Jedi structure eventually allowed the destruction of its own Jedi practitioners – yet why are so many still overly focused on such structures? We should realize that the promotions of these particular towers are simply leading to more Count Dookus and fallen Anakins – a self-made arrogance that seeks more power, influence, and control.

All of these towers will eventually fall because they are built on the sands of time—only those who build upon the rock will survive the rain and floods.

We have been warned.

So when those of you go to visit an assembly, look at the words they portray. The words may sound good (may even have bits of truth in them), yet look at the focus of those words – are they focused on the higher will, or are they focused on self?

“Your focus determines your reality.”

Until we stop placing our faith and loyalty to cardboard cutouts, we will keep finding the fruits of organized madness and spiritual decline lying outside our front door.

This is the time to put away the graven images to see what it actually means to be a guardian of peace and justice.