Luke with Lightsaber

This person stopped complimenting people with the “J” word as many do not follow what the word stands for, let alone follow the code they themselves advocate. There may be a small handful, yet most are primarily focused on inventing doctrines instead of partaking in sound virtue.

In the dictionary, there is another expression for code. And that is a statement of law, or statutes. In the scriptures, they have the same exact terms: laws, statues, and ways (read Psalms 119). They are generally referred to as commandments. Over time, just as with laws expressed in the scriptures, people have twisted their code to refer to something it originally did not mean.

The first definition ever given to the Jedi in Star Wars is pretty straight forward. They are the Guardians of Peace and Justice. Not just for any system, such as a new political mood… yet for the Old Republic. Old refers to ancient way of living. Republic refers to a non-tyrannical constitutional government. This is directly related to the declaration that people are naturally endowed with rights that aren’t originated by man.

We are not partakers of peace anymore. Perhaps we were at some point, yet in its place today is confusion and distraction. We are demoralized, easily agitated, and see with blurred vision. Not only are we easily upset when something goes wrong, we clutter ourselves with various practices and puzzles as if they were medications inside our bathroom cabinets. We are easily distracted with amusements. We are partakers of gossip and vain babble. We give emotional tantrums.

Tolerance is a buzz word used today and is now used a way to prolong rape and abuse. Rape is the violation, molestation, and plundering of another person. It is similar to using someone and later betraying them. Abuse is the perversion and misuse of others, which, in essence leads to prostitution. To tolerate something is to allow the endurance of another’s pain or hardship, even when it isn’t necessary. We do not use this word in terms of empathy for others, yet to indulge ourselves by turning our eyes away from the obvious.

The perfect example would be the parable of the Pharisee and Levite who turn their eyes away from the Samaritan. Even when it is right in front of their noses, they hold their idolized stature over their will to do what is right. This is the very form of ignorance.

Justice, on the other hand, is a constant which faithfully executes, whether it is accommodating or scolding. True justice will always show empathy to the innocent, not because it wants to, yet because it ought to.

And who are the Guardians of Peace and Justice supposed to be? They are to be Knights. A knight comes from the word servant. To serve means to help and assist. They are custodians, dependent on the master who gives them orders. They do not drudge in vain (vanity), yet are humble, willingly and faithfully attend on the well-being of others without compensation of reward. This is an extremely rare quality.

And then we wonder why Disney is changing this model. For who in our society could live by such standards?

No, this person does not see Jedi Knights of Guardians of Peace and Justice. What is seen are protectors of ideologies and religious custom, those who follow tradition over truth. Those who say there is no death… yet practice its ways.

It doesn’t have to take a thousand generations, it can take just one, two, or three. We are already in the dark times.

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