Hide and Seek

There are those who ask for wisdom and discernment, the ability to be decisive, reasonable, and perceptive. These gifts come directly from the Father.

What many fail to understand is that these very words go hand in hand with the concept of judgment.

One of the most misquoted lines in scripture is “judge not.” Not only is this taken out of context, but used today as a method to avoid open discernment. In effect, it has led to hypocritical behavior; the ability to avoid personal criticism, while, in the same breath, flaunting critical views based on personal preference.

Because of this act, the very scripture highlighted is broken.

The scriptures make it plain that we should not be judging that which we are not being judged for. Why? Because it is our very judgments in which we will be judged. In other words, there is a standard involved.

Yet once we remove the standard, attempting to hide ourselves in indecisiveness and ignorance, we fail in being observant and intuitive towards the issues most important. We open the flood gates to avoid discovery of our own misdeeds.

For many years, this person has been involved in a plethora of discussions. Yet with discussion, there must be reasoning and sincere growth. What must be seen is a defense and revealing of truth, not the catering to personal prejudices.

None of us stood when the foundations of the world were laid. Given this, it is foolish to completely stand on finite views.

We cannot faithfully council others if we are being unfaithful in our own inner council. Let us remove the beams first, the elephants in our own households. Let us hold ourselves accountable to the righteousness we outwardly depict. When doing so, we will find peace within.

Peace (shalom), as spoken in scripture, is about completeness, wholeness. This is not the acceptance of mixed thinking, or the withholding of discernment towards understanding which is which. Such paths only lead to despair.

Being complete requires a clean house. The acceptance of obvious messes does not make it clean. We must not be afraid of the broom to sweep out injustice when it is notably seen. Not just from without, but within.

In short, let us be fair in our own thinking. Wisdom and discernment can be granted to us… yet let us first accept its judgment upon our own hearts.